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The Internal Revenue Bulletin, and on the IRS×39’s internet website at IRS.gov. .... the IRS. Instead, keep it with your records. For more information, see Pub. 560,
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In this video I want to work through an example of filling out form 8962 for the premium tax credit this is going to be a relatively simple example I'm going to be filling it out for a single person who had uniform coverage throughout the entire course of the tax year so if you have a more complicated scenario or if you're married if you have dependents if you change coverage throughout the year you change jobs all these sorts of different variations that you can have that can affect this form I will link some helpful information down in the video description from the IRS that goes through examples of all these different types of scenarios, so again it can be helpful information, and I'll link it down in the video description, but I just want to run through this example here of a single person so starting off here at the top line the name that's shown on your tax return we're going to write John Doe with our social security number and then moving on since this is a single person we don't need to check this box that says you cannot take the premium tax credit...
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